vote our future

Empowering youth to change our political process and INCREASE voter turnout.


2017 Program

Detroit, MI

Sponsored by the Knight Foundaton


Vote Our Future, a youth voter engagement initiative, called on the younger population of Detroit to weigh in on the 2017 Election. The organization worked with Future Voters from three Detroit high schools — Western, Cody, & Osborn — providing access to and education about the local political process in efforts to foster critical thinking and engagement in civic discourse.

250+ Future Voters of Detroit participated in the inaugural program.




To demonstrate how young people can engage with the democratic process and increase voter turnout

To bring together community members to inspire and engage with Future Voters

To make the political process more accessible and relevant to the youth community



Each Vote Our Future program is uniquely tailored to the interests and requirements of the community and participating sites, shaped by youth stakeholders around the following elements:


Non-partisan civics workshops allowing students to think critically about the decisions being made on a local level, how those decisions affect their lives, and how they can influence those decisions by engaging with their community.


A space for debate and discussion where Future Voters can voice opinions, share concerns, and pose questions to elected officials.


Invite local decision-makers and public officials to speak with Future Voters

Mock Press Conference

Stage a press conference where Future Voters act as the press and interview local officials

Day of Action

Vote Our Future will provide each participating site with a budget for Future Voters to come up with creative expressions of civic engagement and community demonstration, including Rallies and Parades to the Polls.

Contact us a to start a program in your area.



Have you lived through the struggles suffered by the citizens of Detroit? 

- Future Voter of Detroit when challenged with what question they would ask a candidate running for office in their city